Make Her Want You Again

So, here you are

You have done all that was needed to build your online business. You have been through some really tough moments, you have struggled, you have done your homework. Business is running like Usain Bolt and you should be celebrating. Yeah, right. But you don’t feel like it.

You feel pretty down. Something’s missing in your life. You feel tired, there is sadness sitting heavy in your chest and you can feel it growing stronger and stronger, so you wanna cry. And then you just break down on your bed and cry. Above all, you feel lonely. Lonely, desolated, left alone, deserted. Damn, why has she left?

want her back in your life

It’s been a long time…

Be honest with yourself – when was the last time you were really present with her? Without thinking about your business, about money, about invoices. It’s been a long time, dawg.

So, again… Can you blame her?  She stayed faithful all the time. Well, most of it. But she’s getting older. She wants to feel love. She wants someone who cares…

Someone who cares… Damn, show her you do care! What you want to do now is to make it crystal clear that you care about her and that you love her. It must be without a shade of doubt. That’s where you start.

And from there… Show that you care, that you want to live with her, but – and that’s a big but – you actually can live without her. Why? Because you can, that’s why. Don’t say things like “I’m a half human, half person without her…” No. You are full-blown human being and you will be fine with or without her. This is arguably the hardest part and needs some time to be fully acknowledged by you. But it’s true.

loneliness - will she come back


That is what you need, you need to find your balance because there is a big power in it. And you need to be as strong as possible. Fou yourself and for her. Yes, for her. She needs to feel that you are a rock she can rely on, that you won’t break. She doesn’t want to be the stronger one. This is a very powerful concept and if you want to learn more, check some further materials on how to get ex back for good.

Show her that you are strong, present and willing to be with her. But at the same time, you are perfectly ok being alone or with someone else. Yes! Because she actually wants to see that you are a man of value who is desired by other women. It makes her jealous and intrigued at the same time. And women love those feelings, although they usually won’t admit it.