On Consultants

So you might have heard of them. Guys who sell online courses which are supposed to teach you how to be a consultant.

consultant Dan Lok

The concept is roughly this: Buy the online course, usually a couple of months long, and after those several months you should be able to start your own consulting career as a freelance consultant. The courses usually consist of some learning material and live calls with the guy behind it. You can ask him questions and get some real-time guidance from someone who has walked the walk.

In theory, it sounds fishy. Because one of the most usual objection is “how can I pull this off when I have no knowledge of any particular business or niche”. What and whom would I consult then?

But as it turns out it is possible. At least that’s what one of those big shots of a consulting world claim. Sam Ovens says that it does not matter at all. Because the point here is to know more than your counterpart and to be actually able to bring him some value.

Sounds good? Or not?

I’m not sure, to be honest. In theory, yes. But somehow I can’t imagine sitting across a table with a business owner and consulting him on some business matters when I have never actually run a business myself. But then again, maybe I’m just biased. What do you think?

Another big fish is Dan Lok. He’s been incredibly successful in the last year or so. He says he is the best-paid consultant in the world and runs his business consulting course. Or, to be more precise, he runs a course on high-ticket selling, which is something different. I’m not sure how good his course is, I didn’t go through it (for no particular reason, nothing against Mr. Lok, I just didn’t have the pleasure yet and I might do it in the future). But I have heard good and bad reviews, bad coming usually from people coming from say conventional sales trainings/careers.