How to Start an Online Marketing Agency

How to start an online marketing agency and whether or not this is a good idea

Let’s start with the idea itself. Is it actually a good idea? Well, let me answer with a quote I stole from the great marketing guru David Ogilvy: Yes. It might be.

The real question is: Do you know what you are doing? If not, it might actually be a good idea to join an existing advertising agency and learn. I know you probably want to go on your own, be your own boss, live this super appealing laptop lifestyle and be cool and everything. I got it and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just… you might pretty well bankrupt, you know?

My suggestion would be this. Basically, if you know what you’re doing and if you are disciplined and hard worker, go for it. If you don’t know anything or not enough to make it in this super competitive world, I believe you have two basic options.

First – join an established advertising agency and give yourself some time to learn enough to go on your own. If you start from a scratch, you can say to yourself “allright, I need to learn Facebook advertising and PPC because that’s what I want to focus on with my own agency. So I give myself two years to work my ass off, learn as much as possible and after this time it would be over for me”. And then- bye bye…

The second option is faster and it might be more effective, but you need to be super disciplined and tough because you’ll be in this alone pretty much from the start. The name of this game is self-learning. You need no college to make it in this niche, so you can learn by watching others do it (the first option) or get yourself a couple of books, buy a good online course and here you go. Plus, if you can, get yourself a mentor. You just need to be really committed and relentless to stick to your plan and not to procrastinate. Day by day, just sit and learn and apply what you learn.

start an online business

There’s a ton of online courses on advertising. Almost each and every successful marketer has some free course on his website. But that’s not the stuff you need, you need a real deal, a comprehensive course that will teach you everything and there’s a real success behind it. But where do you get such a great online course?

When you dive into this you’ll learn that there aren’t actually that many of them. And when you only want to learn from someone who has actually made it, you’ll stay with only a handful of those.

You can buy a book from Gary Vee, you can follow Neil Patel on social media, you can definitely follow Russel Brunson (do it, he knows what he’s doing) and you can buy a great course from Tai Lopez. The “Here in my garage” guy, you know him. His course is called Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency. I’ve been through it and I’ve learned a lot. You can click here to learn how this guy runs his social media. I believe you will thank me later because I buy tons of online educational courses and this one is one of the top deals.

Here is a video of Tai Lopez talking about his social media